Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Programmatically open a SSRS Report in Report Builder

To open a report [which is deployed on report server] in report builder you can use the following URL
http://servername/ReportServer/reportbuilder/reportbuilder_2_0_0_0.application?http://servername/ReportServer/path to your report/reportname
eg. If i have a report TestReport.rdl  which is deployed on root of report server then to open this report in report builder I will use following URL
http://localhost:8080/ReportServer/reportbuilder/reportbuilder_2_0_0_0.application?http:// localhost:8080/ReportServer/ TestReport

To open the same report in Report Builder 3, I will use following URL
http://localhost:8080/ReportServer/reportbuilder/reportbuilder_3_0_0_0.application?http:// localhost:8080/ReportServer/ TestReport

Please note that this technique is for Report Server configured in "native mode"

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